Oil and Minerals Strategic Services Delivery

At OIL AND MINERALS, our services are top-rated and strategically designed for high impact values for the global community of our clients. Excellence is at the core of our operations. Delivering on trusted problem-solving services across institutions and organisations is our strength, and we are committed to assisting in the adoption and implementation of world-class policies, regulations and innovative best practices, geared towards improving developmental benefits for resource-rich nations and their communities. We have achieved this milestone through uncompromisingly engaging with governments and their agencies, the oil and gas, energy, and mining industries through;


  • Strategies and policies development
  • Developmental road-mapping
  • Contractual activities mechanism provisions
  • Operations monitoring and assurance support
  • Project development and delivery
  • New approaches to, and mastery of local contents
  • Win-win structured arrangements and relationship building between petroleum and mining industries, and resource-host communities
  • Supply chain management
  • Environmental and social impact assessments
  • Providing Impacts and Benefit-sharing Arrangements and Agreements (IBSAA) Centre
  • Energy security policies provisions/ negotiations
  • Environmental security provisions
  • Trainings and certifications

Strategy and Policy Development

Development road-mapping


Contractual governance

Monitoring & Assurance mechanisms


Project development and delivery

Local Content New Approaches and Mastery


Green supply chain management

 Environmental Impact Assessments and Social Impact Assessments


IBSAA Impacts and Benefit Sharing Arrangements and Agreements Centre

Energy security


Environmental security

Training and Certification

How we do it

Our Engagements and Collaborations

Drawing on our wealth of resources, we interface with governments, resource-rich states, petroleum and mining industries on the one hand, and such bodies as academic and research institutions, universities, organised civil societies, global non-governmental organisations and resource host communities on the other, to:


Research ways through which developmental outcomes can be improved for resource-rich nations and their respective host communities.


Explore and communicate leading innovative ideas, transformational strategies and best practices, geared towards producing the best outcomes for all parties involved in petroleum and mining exploitation.


Identify the best outcomes from resource data entries; resource impacts on nations and communities, and benefits distribution, such as positive developmental outcomes from resource extraction, sustainable extraction and utilisation. And in the area of local content, to identify the role and participation of resource-host communities.


Innovate first class industry-compliant ideas for the better management and utilisation of natural resources.


Engage the foremost global leaders and influencers in areas that cut across resource-hosting, resource-extraction, resource-use and resource-governance


Provide the needed global roundtable for all stakeholders in the resource-extraction sector, with a focus to producing only the best outcomes for all involved.


Explore and create new opportunities for collaborations and partnerships for solving the resource-curse problems between such entities as petroleum and mining companies, governmental agencies, universities and research institutions, resource-host communities and international civil societies.

Deeply engage

Deeply engage with leaders and stakeholders across such industries as oil and gas, mining, education, governments and non-government bodies in seeking to ensure the highest, increasing and sustainable outcomes from resource-extraction.