Our commitment reaches beyond the oil and gas industry.


Our Mission

At OIL AND MINERALS, we are driven by the vision to serve, and guided by the noble principle that mineral resources should be exploited for the overall good of all parties involved, while ensuring a healthy and safe environment. Our work scope is broad, and our world-class services reach the global community of our clients; governments and non-governmental agencies, industries, resource-hosts, research and academic institutions. In furtherance of our reach, we also work with advocacy organisations. The world is our stage, and we daily take our high-impact services even to the remotest corner of it.


Our Promise

Our promise is to for all time abide by our operational guiding principles; loyalty, trust, professionalism and excellence. We are experts in what we do and driven to serve. Working with the oil, gas, petroleum and natural resource industry players, hosts and stakeholders, we abide by our mission; to promote the good use of these resources.



We are OIL AND MINERALS. We are the global industry standard in service delivery. In our day to day operations, we promote the ideal frameworks, guidance and best practices that are critical to such entities as governments, agencies, industries, resource-hosts, research and academic institutions. We believe such supports thus provided are critical for the licensing, exploration, production and utilisation of mineral resources.


Many countries presently, are getting to that tipping point where the extraction of natural resources is reaching its maximum potential. Even though in the past, there were great hopes in several quarters that these resources would contribute to economic growth and development in many nations, by improving the quality of life in these resource-rich countries and their communities. Unfortunately, and in some instances, these only turned out as false hopes.

At Oil and Minerals, we are industry experts. Even more so, we are empathic to the community our clients serve as well as their expectations. Hence, we work to deliver expert-level services that are in tandem with the overall development of societies across the globe, and our clients have made appreciable progress, no doubt, on the global scale in the exploitation of minerals.

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