OMFG welcomes practitioners, researchers and students active in the specialist field, to become associates of the OMFG organisation. Associate-ship provides networking benefits; direct access to best practices and active collaboration opportunities.

Quality Driven

OMFG is designed for industrial, oil and gas, manufacturing, mechanical, power

Customer Focused

OMFG is designed for industrial, oil and gas, manufacturing, mechanical, power

Global Sourcing

OMFG is designed for industrial, oil and gas, manufacturing, mechanical, power

OIL AND MINERALS actively seek patronage and sponsorships.

Our sponsorship benefits are designed to provide sponsors and patrons, with maximum impact from their contribution and with an unparalleled opportunity to engage with a vast selection of leaders, up and coming future-shapers within oil, gas and mining industries, professions, education, government and NGO’s; opportunity to analyse and showcase their organisation’s effort in seeking to ensure best outcomes from resource-extraction; engage with front-line players in the global and local quest to ensure that petroleum, mining and other natural resources produce the ‘highest good’. Depending on the level of sponsorship, patrons and sponsors will be included in a select group of OIL AND MINERALS patrons and sponsors to appear on the branding of global events. 



Strategic Services & Delivery

The Forum is geared to assist in the adoption and implementation of tailored policies, laws, regulations and innovative best practices for improving developmental benefits of resource host countries and host communities across the governmental organisations, energy, oil & gas, petroleum and mining industries in the following areas:

Structured arrangements and relationships between petroleum and mining operators and host communities and indigenous peoples.


Strategy and Policy Development

Development road-mapping


Contractual governance

Monitoring & Assurance mechanisms


Project development and delivery

Local Content New Approaches and Mastery


Green supply chain management

 Environmental Impact Assessments and Social Impact Assessments


IBSAA Impacts and Benefit Sharing Arrangements and Agreements Centre

Energy security


Environmental security

Training and Certification


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