At OIL AND MINERALS FOR GOOD GLOBAL FORUM, we are not only committed to the oil and gas industry. But as an independent global organisation and a centre of expertise, we are focused on improving the quality of local contents within nations, from the exploitation of petroleum riches, mining and other natural-resource riches. OIL AND MINERALS, as an organisation of great repute, works with petroleum and mining industries, resource-rich states, governments, host-communities, universities and research institutions. We also engage with such bodies as international non-governmental groups, regional and global governmental organisations and agencies, with a bid to achieving economic value and sustainability of resources and a plethora of rewarding opportunities for the wellbeing of the host communities and the environment.

We work to change the narrative from resource-curse to resource-blessing for resource-rich countries, their resource-host communities and the international petroleum and mining industries for the overall benefits of its people and the environment.

Several countries are getting to that tipping point where the extraction of natural resources reaches its maximum potential.

 In the past, there were great hopes amongst many groups that these resources would contribute to economic growth and development, thus improving the quality of life in these resource-host countries and communities.

 Past experiences have however shown that this is not always the case; the wealth generated from the extraction and sale of these natural resources has not always met the expectations of all the parties involved.

 However, while great successes have been recorded in some nations and places, in using these resource-riches to achieve commendable transformations, in others, this is sadly not the case. In the latter, the onset of the extraction of and reliance on these resource-riches have led to economic decline, poorer quality of life, environmental degradation and unending conflicts, hence the controversial term, ‘resource curse’.

Many countries are getting to a point where the extraction of natural resources is reaching its maximum potential. There was great hope amongst many that those resources will contribute to the economic growth and development and improve the quality of life in the resource host countries and communities.

However, past experiences have shown that the wealth generated by the extraction and sale of natural resources has not always met the expectations of all parties involved. While great successes have occurred in some parts and places in using the resource-riches to achieve transformation, in certain instances, the onset of resource-riches have led to economic decline, poorer quality of life, environmental degradation and conflict hence, the controversial term ‘resource curse’. 

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At OIL AND MINERALS, we are focused on our core mission; delivering unparalleled expert-level services for the ultimate benefit of humanity and the environment. And on this noble course we are resolute. Through years of delivering on our promises to our global community of clients, we have made ourselves the centre of expertise for the effective and safe utilisation of oil, gas and mineral resources and engage deeply with such important bodies and institutions that are critical to our mission’s overwhelming success; governments, corporate and organisational leaders, industry leaders and influencers across the petroleum and mining industries. Within the sphere of our operations, we also engage with Resource-hosts, regulators, academia, international civil organisations, agencies and key stakeholders; and this, in a bid to offering safe, compliant and solution-driven advice through;

  • Strategies and expert-level policy making
  • Consultancy, Research and Advisory services
  • Equipping professionals through impactful training
  • Executive coaching and peer reviews support
  • Innovations, researches and solutions development provisions
  • Future-shaping researches and best practices publications
  • Idea development for transformational projects
  • Developmental road-mapping and planning
  • Arrangements, contracting and execution implementation
  • Policies and outcomes shaping conferences and gatherings
  • Assessments, Audits and Peer Reviews
  • Negotiations, Conflict Resolutions and Problem-solving support